Let's Rebuild NEPAL

I have contributed my one day salary..
what about you..?

Total Challengers :

99.5 % of employees from Aries Group of Companies ( more than 900 employees) donated their one day salary for Nepal Victim's . Thanks to Aries Group of companies         All staff of Medi BizTV has donated their one day salary to Nepal Earth Quake Victims. Thanks to Medi BizTV        Biz2Legal has contributed their one day income to support Nepal. Thanks to Biz2 Legal

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The membership is open to any organization, associations, institutional authorities etc related to any facet of the medical industry. WMC as an association caters the entire need of medical fraternity united under a single roof. know more

One Day Salary Challenge

Thousands of innocent people in Nepal are affected by a devastating earthquake, it is the right time to show ourselves and act. WMC and MEDIBIZTV, in association with IMC and Marine BizTV, is challenging you to donate your one day salary to rebuild Nepal.

When the idea of donating one day salary to help rebuild Nepal was floated, we were overwhelmed by the responses received from some of the major companies worldwide. We need more support from you to rehabilitate people of earthquake stricken Nepal. Come, join us for the One Day Salary Challenge. WMC will issue a certificate of appreciation on receiving the confirmation of your donation.

Companies participated in the challenge

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