How to donate

How you can donate to Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal needs massive financial support to rebuild it from the devastating earthquake that claimed more than 7000 lives and injured twice as many. Many lost homes and all we see is flattened buildings including some of the country’s best known landmarks. Here are a few ways that you can donate for rebuilding Nepal.

  • International Medical Corps
    WMC and Medi BizTV are joining hands with International Medical Corps to help earthquake stricken Nepal. International Medical Corps is using the donations to provide medical care and supplies to the hardest-hit communities in Nepal. Mobile medical teams have been treating survivors in Kathmandu, Gorkha, Dhading and other remote villages. More doctors, nurses and specialists are on their way. First responders are delivering clean water, blankets and urgently needed items, and providing psychological aid and additional support to families. Moving forward, International Medical Corps will focus on rehabilitating health facilities, repairing water and sanitation systems, training health workers, and ensuring people have the resources to rebuild. Your donations will speed up Nepal’s recovery, restoring health and hope.
    Click the links below to know more on how to donate for the cause:
  • Save the Children
    You can choose to donate through Save the Children, an international charity organization that has been operating in Nepal since 1976. They are equipped with a response team of 24-emergency specialists, including a medical team that had been dispatched to assess humanitarian needs. They are emphasizing on the distribution of clean drinking water to prevent water-borne diseases in a country that has low sanitation standards. They are in the process of distributing hats and blankets for babies, as many families are living in open spaces as they are afraid of aftershocks. Also, 10% of funds are going to preparations for future disasters.
    To donate to their Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund, click here.
  • Red Cross
    Red Cross has already donated an initial 3 lakhs dollar of aid and also about 20000 non-food relief kits that include clothes, kitchen sets, tarpaulins and mosquito nets. They are ready for considerable support to the victims by means of food, water, medical care and emergency shelter.
    To donate to their Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund click here.
  • Global Giving
    Global Giving is an online fund-raising platform and they are running a project to raise 1 million dollar for disaster relief in Nepal in which they raised about 6 lakhs dollar so far. To make a donation, visit them here. If you have a U.S. cell phone, you can text GIVE NEPAL to 80088 to make a $10 donation.
  • Friends Service Council Nepal
    A Nepalese NGO with over 2 decades of experience in supporting disaster relief efforts, FSCN is always in the forefront of relief activities in Nepal. The organization based in Kathmandu has 50 volunteers in the team. Since the devastating tremor struck Nepal, they have been providing money, food and tents to those in need. If you want to give directly to a local charity, get in contact and Thapa or a volunteer will explain how best to transfer money to them.
  • Oxfam
    Oxfam works in more than 90 countries and the organization has already dispatched technical experts from the U.K to the earthquake stricken country. They also sent a China-based team to assess humanitarian needs in Tibet, where the quake also struck. They are preparing to help provide clean water and emergency food. To make your donation to Oxfam’s relief effort, go here.
  • Goonj
    An Indian relief agency with 11 offices and more than 300 employees, Goonj has set up Nepal specific donation centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Rishikesh. They are readying two trucks of relief material to transfer to Nepal, with more urgent supplies going by air. For more information about how to donate, visit here.

Where does your money go when you donate to Nepal disaster relief?

Millions of dollars are flowing into Nepal to help rebuild the country and to help with the aftermath of the calamity. In this digital era, International organizations are competing with crowd funders for the donation. According to UN report, an estimated $415 million needed to help the country recover. A quarter is estimated for food security, as the earth quake has not only damaged cultivating lands and crops but also it destroyed the roads and runways used transport food.

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